Australia’s Hotel Boom

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Staying on-top of hospitality news is second nature to us Melbournians. There is always something new and exciting to discover, and delicious opportunities to scout out. But, if you move aside FWO café and restaurant violations, much of hospitality news nowadays seems to be dominated by a common theme – hotels. Old hotels are being [...]

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Spotlight on: Unni Menon

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This week we got to know one of Octopus Hospitality's new internal staff member -  Unni Menon. Favourite place to eat In Melbourne: Ginger Boy. What show (if any) are you currently binging? I like all the Marvel shows, I recently finished watching Luke Cage. Oh, and Game of Thrones! If you had to [...]

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The Illusive Work/Life Balance

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3 tips to help you find a better work/life balance Whether you’re in hospitality or not, finding a work life balance has proven to be a perennial problem for office dwellers, tradespersons, students and shift workers alike. Personally, every winter I find myself falling into the same routine after work; dinner, Bachelor, bed. While the [...]

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4 reasons why working in hospitality is the best

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Monday, September 3rd 2018 You make people’s day In any service industry, the front line personnel have the power to make or break someone’s day. We’ve all been there, whether it was a snarky look from a sales assistant on a day when you REALLY didn’t need it or a selfless act from a flight [...]

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Spotlight on: Richard Lovett

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The impressive achievement of becoming an executive chef should never be understated; it involves hours of dedication to cooking, army-like discipline, and talent. That’s why Richard Lovett, chef and recruiter with Octopus Hospitality, blew us away when he quietly said that he had obtained a position as executive chef at only twenty-one years old. As [...]

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