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Looking for Permanent Staff?

At Octopus Hospitality we have made it out mission to align talent with opportunity. We present our clients with candidates who hold the necessary experience, credentials and accomplishments to fill the position(s) the client requires. With 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry we have successfully recruited highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and talented hospitality candidates to help fill your staffing needs.

Octopus Hospitality is Melbourne’s premier staffing agency. We are experts in credentialing, interviewing, and providing qualified and skilled candidates across a variety of positions in hospitality. With the help of our experienced hospitality recruitment team and candidates we can provide you with top talent in the industry without the risk and time that goes into hiring new employees.

Why Outsource?

1. Reduce Time Hiring

At Octopus Hospitality our clients aways experience a fast and easy hiring process because we have a large candidate pool and top talent to call on. Our team starts working immediately to find our clients the perfect candidate. Unlike HR specialists or managers who have other tasks, this is our highest priority. We have created an arsenal of highly skilled, thoroughly trained, passionate hospitality staff. At Octopus, we will help reduce your time spent hiring as we can offer you pre-screened, experienced, ad FWO approved, candidates.

2. Increase Quality of Staff

We have the knowledge, experience, and connections needed to find you the best candidates for permanent hiring. With 25 years in the hospitality industry we have established a sound recruiting and hiring processes that allows us to sort out the under-qualified or in-experienced candidates. We check references with all our candidates and ensure they have the proper qualifications and experience to succeed.

3. Save Time, Energy and Money

The costs associated with the hiring process: recruiting, advertising, interviewing, background checking, and skills testing, will be combined into a single stress-free fee, saving you time and money. In addition, we take care of compliance standards and HR for all our workers, which will save you, as the employer, on administrative and overhead costs.

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