Australia’s Hotel Boom

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Staying on-top of hospitality news is second nature to us Melbournians. There is always something new and exciting to discover, and delicious opportunities to scout out. But, if you move aside FWO café and restaurant violations, much of hospitality news nowadays seems to be dominated by a common theme – hotels. Old hotels are being [...]

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International Women’s Day 2019

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International women’s day (IWD) celebrates the economic, social, and political achievements of women around the globe. The annual celebration of women is about a committed aspiration towards realizing the harmony of all people, and all genders. Previous campaign themes have highlighted the diversity of women’s experiences, including poverty, gender-based violence, access to education, the [...]

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Spotlight on: Unni Menon

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This week we got to know one of Octopus Hospitality's new internal staff member -  Unni Menon. Favourite place to eat In Melbourne: Ginger Boy. What show (if any) are you currently binging? I like all the Marvel shows, I recently finished watching Luke Cage. Oh, and Game of Thrones! If you had to [...]

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Spotlight on Brent Aitken

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  For this week's staff profile we sat down with Brent Aitken to receive insight into his experience working for Octopus Hospitality for the last 16 years, his role as a Chef, and some ... You may have recognized Brent from our new promotional photos!    Name: Brent Aitken   What is your role at [...]

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A Skills Shortage is predicted to hit Australia

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What you need to know about the predicted skills shortage to hit Australia next year Similar to weather, market trends are difficult to predict, vary across platforms, and are intended to support decision making. While forecasts of any sort are meant to be reassuring the market trends forecast for 2020 is anything but. [...]

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Candidate of the Month: Anthony Perrone

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January 2019 This week we chatted with one of our superstar all-rounder, Anthony Perrone. With a constant overflow of positive feedback on Mr. Perrone’s work as a food and beverage attendant and hosting manager, Anthony was the clear candidate to nominate for Octopus Hospitality’s employee of the month.   Name:  Anthony Perrone Role: Food & [...]

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Sapphire Care Foundation

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Acronyms like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and SLO (Social Licence to Operate) are new aged phenomena that have done their due diligence by shining light on a company’s ability, and responsibility, to give back to the community in which they operate. At Octopus Hospitality, we whole-heartedly understand the value of a strong, thriving community. [...]

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The FWO and Hospitality Compliance

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We need to talk about the lack of compliance in the hospitality industry. The last few years the hospitality industry has fallen into unfavorable light since the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) implanted audits on compliance standards, setting off a landslide of complaints from employees that listed the shortcomings of their employers To catch you up: [...]

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Melbourne: Australias Hospitality Hotspot – A Year in Review

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Often referred to as the ‘culture capital of Australia’ Melbourne has a certain reputation to maintain when it comes to hospitality. In our city, being the best, doesn’t mean just having fantastic food and drink, it’s about the whole experience; service, restaurant design, plating, and keeping up with ethical guidelines and trends are all crucial. [...]

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Summer Ceviche

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Octopus x Matilda 159 Domain With the holidays just around the bend, we decided to pair up with Chef Zac Saunders from Matilda 159 Domain, to bring you an essential summer dish; Ceviche. After working at Michelin star-restaurants in New York, Denmark, UK, and Italy, it comes to our surprise that Chef Zac’s summer staple [...]

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