International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

International women’s day (IWD) celebrates the economic, social, and political achievements of women around the globe. The annual celebration of women is about a committed aspiration towards realizing the harmony of all people, and all genders.

Previous campaign themes have highlighted the diversity of women’s experiences, including poverty, gender-based violence, access to education, the gender-pay gap, and rural and urban differences.

This year’s themes, #BalanceforBetter and #MorePowerfulTogether are a call-to-action for driving gender balance around the world and to shine light on the importance of keeping men in the conversation.

“Let’s build a gender-balanced world. Everyone has a part to play – all the time, everywhere,” reads the IWD official website (The UN Women National Committee Australia is the official organisation linked to IWD).

Pictured Above: Toni Flynn (General Manager HR), Sharon Hill (CEO), and Paige Handford (BDM)

International Women’s Day is time to reflect on and acknowledge the outstanding contributions of women in our lives and our workforce. Today we take a moment to acknowledge the work of all the amazing women who are part of the Octopus Hospitality team. From candidate to CEO, women play a crucial role here.

This years theme is a call to action and inspires us to identify ways that we can continue to push for more progress. The responsibility to support and actively champion inclusion and diversity lies with all of us. As leaders in the hospitality industry, we can make the difference by challenging the status quo and by making inclusive decisions. Within the workplace, we must look carefully at recruitment, hiring and promotion processes  — we must evolve to reflect today’s expectations.

Octopus Hospitality is committed to building a world-class team of leaders, International Women’s Day reminds us that is simply not achievable unless we embrace a collaborative culture defined by inclusion and diversity.

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