Spotlight on: Unni Menon

This week we got to know one of Octopus Hospitality’s new internal staff member –  Unni Menon.

Favourite place to eat In Melbourne:

Ginger Boy.

What show (if any) are you currently binging?

I like all the Marvel shows, I recently finished watching Luke Cage. Oh, and Game of Thrones!

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

That’s tough, probably a South Indian Meal.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up?

I grew up in India and did almost all my studying there. When I did my hotel management schooling I did a year of in Switzerland also have a graduate degree in commerce, which I also did in India. Started my career as a Chef, worked in places like Zurich, Chennai, Dubai and Melbourne. 6 years ago moved into the an office based role doing operation for a staffing agency.

How did you start working in the hospitality industry?

Some friends that I went to school with started working in hospitality and I decided to give it a try and join them. I started off my career as a chef, eventually I transitioned into a business role.

When did you start working for Octopus Hospitality?

I started working for Octopus Hospitality about 3 weeks ago

What is your position at OH?

My role with Octopus is as a Business Development Manager. I also am responsible for recruitment of chefs.

What does a typical day as BDM for Octopus look like?

My overall role as BDM is developing and diversifying Octopus. One of my day-to-day duties can include meeting up with current and potential clients. As a new member to the Octopus team this has been important for me so that I can Identify and map business strengths and client needs.

My role also includes looking for potential chefs that we can add to our team.

Since I have only worked for Octopus for three weeks my focus the last couple of weeks has been establishing an in-depth knowledge of everything Octopus – from our clients and staff to our value proposition.

How did you move from chef to business role?

It was a little bit of a tough transition for me, it took some time to adjust from the craziness of the kitchen to a sit-down job. Now with Octopus I can do a little bit of both. Since I have a chef background Octopus has allows me to step into the kitchen as a chef every so often. Doing this has been a fantastic way for me to break the barrier between Octopus candidates and us office-workers. It has also allowed me to garner an understanding for what a client may want/need from an Octopus candidate.

Are there any transferable skills that you held onto when you went from working in the kitchen to working in the office?

My top three would probably be:

  1. Dealing with people
  2. Organization and structure
  3. Time management

Is there anything you are looking forward to working on?

Octopus is a well-established hospitality company, it has great potential and I’m excited to work on developing growth strategies and plans.

What do you like to do in your spare time? What are some of your hobbies?

There are so many good shows on TV so I do watch TV when I get home. I also really enjoy playing golf and cricket. I would love to play other sports but there not enough time in the day.

If you could live in any city, where would you live?


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