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Why Should You Choose Octopus?

At Octopus We have 8 ways of doing things better.

1.Knowledge – Because we know hospitality inside out, across every level and in all its forms we deliver relevant, tailored and practical real-world solutions. At Octopus we have the size, the resources, the proven experience and ability to tailor solutions for the widest range of hospitality related requirements.

2. Standards –We set the highest, most rigorous service standards and expectations in all our programs, so that staff and employers in our industry can have real trust in our systems. Our selection standards are high, we decline vastly more job applications than we accept. Our thorough training programs are for real jobs, and are based on classroom, in the field, on the job and online training that best equips our trainees to be the best of the best.

3.Innovation-We embrace innovation as a core part of our philosophy across all business units. We research and test new ideas that will provide practical solutions and deliver real savings and efficiencies to our clients.

4.Experience –Twenty-one years of deep experience across recruitment, matched to highly specialised support programs means ours is a most trusted name in our fast paced hospitality and related industries – both locally and globally.

5.Breadth-We authentically cater for every need – matching hospitality professionals to the right positions – at every level – from casual labour hire to executive appointments with the right qualifications, certification and knowledge needed to succeed.

6.Leaders-We are focused on the bigger picture – always monitoring trends in our industry from around the world in order to adapt and initiate best practices in all aspects of our service. We lead the industry in many areas, as our Emprevo software testifies.

7.Commitment-Hospitality is the only industry we service. It is in our blood. It is in our DNA. Our mission is to assist our clients to make our industry the very best it can be by providing competitive advantages across a range of services.

8.Reach-Octopus has an enviable global reach built on the basis of 21 years servicing the hospitality industry, enabling us to have access to the best people wherever in the world they may be.

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