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A Win-Win for Employers and Flexible Hospitality workers.

We are Victoria’s largest and most trusted hospitality services company.

When Victoria’s premier hospitality companies need additional staff to support events or cover leave, there is one company they turn to first – Octopus. Whether it be “The Birdcage” at Flemington, AFL, NRL or A League games, corporate Boardrooms, prestigious private parties or major conventions, Octopus staff will invariably be at the forefront of food and beverage preparation and service.

Our hospitality services include chefs, cooks, food and beverage staff, food service assistants, kitchen hands, baristas, canteen staff, retail food staff and hospitality trainers.

We undertake rigorous training and induction programs that ensure staff can ‘hit the ground running’. Potential staff need to meet exacting standards, so that our clients can be assured of getting the best of the best.

Octopus clients demand quality, professional staff. To meet this demand we provide rigorous systems, checks and professional training.

The best hospitality professionals come to us because we have the quality and range of work that they are looking for. The brightest young talent seek us out so they can undertake training to industry benchmarks in order to be hand-picked for the hospitality positions that they want. It’s a true ‘win, win’ proposition for staff and hospitality employers.

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