How to Host a Holiday Party Like a Pro

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Octopus Hospitality's tips and tricks on hosting a holiday party like a pro It’s that time of year again; lists to Santa are being drafted, prawns and iced coffee are abundant, the smell of sunscreen fills the air, and Michael Bubblé is probably defrosting as we speak. Some of the best memories come from the [...]

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What you need to know about workplace behaviour

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and seeing as harassment has become a buzz word around the world, we at Octopus Hospitality believe that it is important to revisit what harassment is and how to deal with it. Before we get down into the nitty gritty of workplace bullying and harassment read this: Nine out [...]

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The Illusive Work/Life Balance

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3 tips to help you find a better work/life balance Whether you’re in hospitality or not, finding a work life balance has proven to be a perennial problem for office dwellers, tradespersons, students and shift workers alike. Personally, every winter I find myself falling into the same routine after work; dinner, Bachelor, bed. While the [...]

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Like it or not: Outsourcing is about to change the way you work

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As a 25 year old company we have seen 21st century megatrends accelerate faster than the horses at the Melbourne Cup. Offshoring, outsourcing and technological development have escalated the rate of employee displacement and the result is an economy built on freelance talent. The world is, and has been, changing. Our understanding of work and [...]

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Tackling the world of mental health and hospitality

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Ben Shwery, chef owner of Attica, set fire to the flames when he took to instagram in September of 2017 to note that his own personal success has come at the steep price of working 75 hour weeks from the age of fourteen. Shewry has made it clear, that the old militaristic style of work [...]

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4 reasons why working in hospitality is the best

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Monday, September 3rd 2018 You make people’s day In any service industry, the front line personnel have the power to make or break someone’s day. We’ve all been there, whether it was a snarky look from a sales assistant on a day when you REALLY didn’t need it or a selfless act from a flight [...]

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Spotlight on: Richard Lovett

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The impressive achievement of becoming an executive chef should never be understated; it involves hours of dedication to cooking, army-like discipline, and talent. That’s why Richard Lovett, chef and recruiter with Octopus Hospitality, blew us away when he quietly said that he had obtained a position as executive chef at only twenty-one years old. As [...]

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Spotlight on Hema Peri

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Hema, pictured second from the left   We caught up with Hema Peri, a ‘jack of all trades’ at Octopus Hospitality, and learned about her great personal mantra, her highlights working for Octopus, and much more! Get to know Hema with this week’s staff profile.   Name: Hema Peri    Roles: Food Service Assistant, Food [...]

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Spotlight on Jackie Uplap

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This week's spotlight is on Jackie Uplap! Jackie shared with us her experience working for Octopus Hospitality, what she enjoys about working in hospitality, and much more. Get to know Jackie Uplap in this week's staff profile feature! Name: Prajakta (Jackie) Uplap   Role: Food and Beverage Attendant   How long have you worked for Octopus Hospitality? [...]

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Spotlight on Marcus Harrop

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We had the pleasure of chatting with Marcus Harrop, one of our Chefs, to learn a bit about him, a few of his favourite things, and his experience as a Chef. Role: Chef Years worked for Octopus: About 6-7 years What is your favourite food to eat? Japanese. What is your favourite food to cook? That’s a [...]

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