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Meet The Octopus Team

Octopus is part of Emprevo, a company dedicated to changing the way the world works. With 21 years of professional experience, Octopus has developed benchmark systems and programs catering for all critical service and training requirements for the hospitality industry. We have an extensive list of contacts and established a significant industry footprint – providing the biggest network of quality candidates in hospitality recruitment.

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Sharon Hill
Chief Executive Officer

Sharon has experience across business development, people management and commercial requirements, setting up business processes and is experienced in logistics and events management. She has worked in executive recruitment for the government and semi government sectors across tourism, media, health, environment, economic free zones & heavy Industry businesses. In addition, Sharon has substantial international experience, positioning her ideally to lead Octopus.

Ebony Mellor
Business Solutions Director

Ebony is a Business Solutions Director with Octopus Hospitality and Events, part of the Emprevo Group.
By capitalising on her strengths in market knowledge, strategy and communication Ebony initiates new channels of business, whilst nurturing existing client relationships. She has been able to generate results with all levels of business and is known as a ‘doer’, ensuring that no stone goes unturned in getting the best outcome for a client.

Toni Flynn
General Manager Human Resources

Toni serves as a key player on our executive team, working collaboratively to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies; training & development, compensation and employee benefit programs, HR & OH&S policies and procedures, and healthy employee/employer relations. She has a Graduate Diploma in Business majoring in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour and a Diploma of Education.

Alex Tse
Sales Manager

Alex is a Chef by trade and has been working in the hospitality industry since the age of 13. He has worked in just about every position in hospitality from front of house to back of house in settings such as fine-dining, hotels, pubs, and nightclubs. After many years as a full-time Chef, Alex moved into equipment and commercial kitchen design in 2012. As a Kitchen Equipment and Design Consultant, he assisted in setting up restaurants, specifically kitchens, and ensuring they are designed efficiently and compliant to laws.

Paige Handford
Sales Consultant

Paige’s new role in Sales consists of working with new and existing clients, as well as working to bring other sites on board for existing clients. She also follows up with clients who are no longer using our services to determine how we can help them, and what may have occurred in the past that can be worked out.

Janine Keast
Client Services Co-ordinator

Janine is an enthusiastic and dedicated hospitality & tourism professional who loves to provide excellent customer service through advanced communication skills, attention to detail, great organisational skills and by being a true ‘people person’.