Candidate of the Month: Anthony Perrone

Candidate of the Month: Anthony Perrone

January 2019

This week we chatted with one of our superstar all-rounder, Anthony Perrone. With a constant overflow of positive feedback on Mr. Perronnes’ work as a food and beverage attendant and hosting manager, Anthony was the clear candidate to nominate for Octopus Hospitality’s employee of the month.


Name:  Anthony Perrone

Role: Food & beverage attendant and recently expanding into hosting manager role. 

How long have you worked for Octopus Hospitality?

I started working for Octopus when I came back from Munich, Germany. I started the same time as the onset of the Spring Racing Carnival In 2016 – so a little over two years.

What were you doing In Munich?

I was living and working in Munich for the last 15 years. I owned a restaurant there. Well, it started off as a restaurant but it grew into a restaurant and cocktail bar and eventually a night club as well, but only on weekends. We had over 70 cocktails that we made, live music on weekends, weekly specials – it was a very busy time in my life.

But I wasn’t always working I hospitality, I was an accountant before that.

Wow that’s quite a different career. What made you switch from accounting to hospitality?

I have a Master’s degree in commerce and used to work for Deloitte in accounting for about six, almost seven, years. Eventually I made my way into hospitality. I Left my accounting job at Deloitte and purchased a news agency with my wife at the time. When things didn’t work out between my wife and I, I decided to reinvent myself. By 1999 I was doing a number of jobs all within the realm of consulting and accounting.

Eventually I switched gears and decided to go to Germany to look at a new business idea that I wanted to bring back to Australia – Italian ice cream. There was an Italian man who owned an Ice Cream making business In Germany and I wanted to bring that business to Australia. I spent a year with him learning how to make Italian ice cream, but in the end the business venture didn’t work out.

Did you notice a difference between German, or more broadly European, Hospitality from Australian?

German Hospitality is similar to a broader European approach. They have similar features.

Australia, I find is very young, it is a rapidly growing industry with a diverse group of people who are sourcing ideas from all over the world. Australia is very much a melting pot of people who bring in different influences and cultural takes on food and hospitality services. There is so much more diversity here.

So, Australian Hospitality in three words is diverse, growing, and young?


What do you enjoy about your role at Octopus?

I enjoy any task that is given to me – wait staff, bar staff supervisor, coordinating a function or event. I enjoy the diversity of my job ad I’m happy to do whatever the job requires. I really enjoy making the clients happy with the level of service that I provide. The flexibility of the job is great too!

What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

I am a pretty sporty person. I enjoy lots of activities like cycling, skiing and swimming. I like to keep an active lifestyle. Ideally, I start the day with exercise and a big breakfast.

Aside from staying active I love to spend time with my family. Quality time with my family is so important to me, it’s what I missed the most when I was in Munich. At the end of the day, health and family are the two most salient and significant things In my life.

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