What you need to know about workplace behaviour

What you need to know about workplace behaviour

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and seeing as harassment has become a buzz word around the world, we at Octopus Hospitality believe that it is important to revisit what harassment is and how to deal with it.

Before we get down into the nitty gritty of workplace bullying and harassment read this:

Nine out of ten people do not know they are being a bully, which means that it is your responsibility to tell your harasser/bully when they are doing, or saying, something that you find uncomfortable or insulting.

THE FIRST STEP in dealing with any workplace bully is to tell him or her that what they are saying or

The 4 bullies you might work with

Harassment can take many forms. What is important is how the behavior affects the person it is directed towards. People’s reactions differ, and it is the way that a person perceives the behavior that is important. Even if there is no intention to harass, offend or even if others see the activity as trivial or inoffensive, if it makes YOU feel uncomfortable, you are well within your rights to report the behavior.

The Donald Trump

This is the person who hurls insults at you from all directions, all the time, through every avenue in their power. They may even have some professional authority over you, which can make it difficult or uncomfortable to report the situation. Their insults typical revolve around race, gender, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, religion, political opinion, national extraction, and/or social origin.

If you have a Trump tearing you down, report it!

The “I’m just Kidding” Person

This kind of harassment can be sneaky and manipulative. This harasser is most likely to insult you with a smile on their face and sometimes a cluster of people laughing along with them. Identifying this kind of harassment could be difficult as it could be a friend, or person who is friendly with you. All we can say is trust your gut. Claiming an insult or form of harassment as ‘just a joke’, doesn’t make the behavior okay.

If you have been on the receiving end of an “I’m just kidding” insult, report it!

The Gordon Ramsay

We know that the hospitality industry has a reputation for being…. less than gracious to one another. But just because Gordon Ramsay throws around dishes, insults, and pots & pans doesn’t make his behavior workplace approved. Calling someone a name, insulting their work, and throwing anything at anyone is most definitely NOT tolerated at Octopus Hospitality.

If you have a Ramsay roughing you up, report it!

The Predator

If recent headlines, accusations, and #MeToo stories have taught us anything, it is that sexual harassment in the workplace is a prominent issue. Sexual harassment is behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcome, unsolicited and unreciprocated. Sexual harassment is not only bullying but it is also a crime. The degree of sexual harassment is broad. Sexual Harrassment could be anything from a suggestive behavior, unnecessary touching, and sexual jokes to intrusive questions, displaying offensive photographs, sexual propositions, and sexual assault.

If you experience predatory behavior, report it!

Reporting Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

No matter how big or small the harassment feels, if someone from the Octopus Hospitality team says or does something that upsets you, please report it!

Reporting Harassment

  • You are encouraged to report any harassment or bullying to your supervisor at site or other 
managers at Head Office
  • All harassment or bullying complaints are treated seriously, sympathetically, quickly and 
  • Once you’ve reported the issue we will investigate the complaint with procedural fairness and take action to ensure the harassment and behavior halts
  • A complaint does not have to be in writing to justify action being taken, nor does a person being harassed need to have asked the harasser to stop
  • Harassment does not have to be a series of incidents or an ongoing pattern of behavior. Just one act can be enough.

All Managers and Supervisors at Octopus Hospitality will do their best to prevent harassment or bullying and any form of discrimination happening in their team or at a client site. If a manager encourages or ignores any harassment or bullying or discrimination that is happening in his or her team, they may be disciplined, or in serious cases dismissed. Staff can be disciplined or in serious cases dismissed for proven harassment or bullying.

At the end of the day Octopus Hospitality is a team. It is perfectly okay for you not to see eye to eye with every single person you work with. However, it is not okay, for the people you work with to make you feel uncomfortable in the workplace. To halt harassment, you must report it. As a valued member of the Octopus Hospitality family, we are here to help and support you!

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