Like it or not: Outsourcing is about to change the way you work

Like it or not: Outsourcing is about to change the way you work

As a 25 year old company we have seen 21st century megatrends accelerate faster than the horses at the Melbourne Cup. Offshoring, outsourcing and technological development have escalated the rate of employee displacement and the result is an economy built on freelance talent. The world is, and has been, changing. Our understanding of work and employment needs to change with it.

As we move toward 2020 outsourcing will continue to rattle the labour market thereby moving employees to be driven by desire for independence and self development. According to Forbes, some predict that by 2027, the majority of the workforce will be comprised of freelancers, not regular, traditional employees.

Over the last couple of decades outsourcing has become our speciality. Finding passionate and talented individuals, who are attracted to the fact that working with Octopus Hospitality means working the hours, locations, positions, venues, and days that they choose.  

In their 2018 global outsourcing survey, Deloitte found that the definitions of outsourcing has changed.

“The focus has shifted: yesterday, outsourcing was about cutting costs and improving service in the back office. Today, disruptive outsourcing is about collaborating with partners in the marketplace to integrate services an organization cannot quickly build on its own to innovate, transform, propel its growth, and unnerve its competitors”

Part of ensuring you, as an organization, reap the benefits and competitive advantage of outsourcing is thoughtfully choosing quality services. In the hospitality world nothing sways a customers opinion more than their dealings with employees.

In the hospitality industry quality can make or break a company. The front-line personnel of any service industry profession represent the face and attitude of the company they work for. In a world where google reviews rule, customer satisfaction is everything. Which means the calibre of the companies image rests heavily on the shoulders of the companies employee.

At Octopus Hospitality we have built a reputation for providing reliable, consistent and quality services. Ultimately, we are a team of creative problem solvers. As a collective, we understand the wants and needs of our trusted clients and valuable candidates, empowering us to recommend strategic opportunities and realize impactful staffing solutions. Together we have developed Victoria’s best little black book of short term hospitality staff and established a significant industry footprint in doing so.

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