4 reasons why working in hospitality is the best

4 reasons why working in hospitality is the best

Monday, September 3rd 2018

You make people’s day

In any service industry, the front line personnel have the power to make or break someone’s day. We’ve all been there, whether it was a snarky look from a sales assistant on a day when you REALLY didn’t need it or a selfless act from a flight attendant, these small acts can be the difference between a great or terrible experience. In hospitality a little gesture can go a long way, so if you are keen to put a smile on someone’s face hospitality is perfect for you.

‘Sitting is the new smoking’, doesn’t apply to you

Remember a few years ago when it seemed like every single media outlet broke the news that sitting was killing us? That was fun. A few people got standing desks, Apple made 10,000 steps a thing (you get the picture). While the saying, ‘sitting is the new smoking’ may be a tad overdrawn, we would seriously like to re-visit it. According to a new study, moving your body on a regular basis throughout the day matters a whole lot more than scientists originally realized. In fact, simply sitting for extended periods of time can cause damage to your heart muscles which can result in heart failure. Yeah, pretty scary, we know. But don’t worry, if you work in hospitality getting in your 10,000 steps per day is a piece of cake, or at least a 3-4 hour shift.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Just like the footy, spring racers, MIFF, or even a magic show, success is less about the individual and much more about the collective. Just like a team, everyone in hospitality must work together to achieve an end-goal. While individuals are allocated certain roles according to their specific strengths, teamwork maximizes those strengths. Individual talents are complimented and heightened by the strengths of the team as a unit. In hospitality you have the opportunity to be part of a team. If you work late, so does everyone else. If you are dealing with a crisis, so is everyone else. You’re never on you own. You will always have a supportive group of like-minded hospo heroes to offer you a helping hand, ….because teamwork makes the dreamwork (sorry but we had to)!

Universal skillset

Prime ministers may come and go, but hospitality jobs are here to stay ! Working in hospitality not only means you have freedom of movement in regards to which company you work for, and ultimately what team you become a part of, it also means that you have the freedom to pack up your bags and jet off to a new country with a universal skillset.

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