Exciting Internal Team News!

Exciting Internal Team News!

We have some exciting internal team announcements to share! We recently welcomed Alex Tse, Sales Manager, to our team. In addition, Paige Handford has been promoted from Client Services Coordinator to Sales Consultant. We sat down and chatted about their past work experience and their experience working at Octopus Hospitality, and are happy to share what we learned with you!

Alex Tse
Sales Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Alex Tse to the Octopus Hospitality internal team! Alex joins us as a Sales Manager.

Alex is a Chef by trade and has been working in the hospitality industry since the age of 13. He has worked in just about every position in hospitality from front of house to back of house in settings such as fine-dining, hotels, pubs, and nightclubs. After many years as a full-time Chef, Alex moved into equipment and commercial kitchen design in 2012. As a Kitchen Equipment and Design Consultant, he assisted in setting up restaurants, specifically kitchens, and ensuring they are designed efficiently and compliant to laws.

Alex is most excited about assisting in the growth of the Octopus Hospitality brand and bringing it to the forefront of the hospitality staffing industry.

Alex’s role as Sales Manager includes growing the business and bringing in new clients. Since starting on Monday, May 14th, he has been learning about the business and generating momentum for approaching new clients.

Welcome on board Alex!




Paige Handford
Client Services Coordinator > Sales Consultant

We also want to congratulate Paige Handford as she moves from Client Services Coordinator to Sales Consultant. Paige has been working with Octopus Hospitality for 5 months. As a Client Services Coordinator, Paige has been responsible for staff allocations. This involves ensuring jobs are filled and the appropriate staff are allocated to each shift. Paige also attends check-ins for events with a high number of staff at locations such as MCEC and Etihad Stadium. At the check-ins she ensures that staff are arriving in their correct uniforms, are aware of where they are going, and that they are arriving to their shift on time. Lastly, Paige conducts site visits for existing clients, and liaises with current and prospective staff.

Paige’s new role in Sales consists of working with new and existing clients, as well as working to bring other sites on board for existing clients. She also follows up with clients who are no longer using our services to determine how we can help them, and what may have occurred in the past that can be worked out.

Paige’s experience working with Octopus Hospitality so far has been fun, enjoyable, and rewarding.

We are excited for Paige to grow in her new role and continue to contribute to the success of Octopus Hospitality!

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